Lets Talk Books: What are You Reading?

So what are you reading folks? I keep at least two books within reach no matter where I am at home. If I know that I am going somewhere with a extra few minutes, a book is in tow.

Right now I am reading from the Twilight series, New Moon. I watched the movie first so the whole time I read New Moon, I visualize the actors. It is going well but slow!

Tell me about your favorite authors.
My to read list:

What is on your reading list?
What is your favorite author?

What is The Book In Hand project?
The Book In Hand Project is founded with the idea of giving children books.
 To encourage the love of reading in children of all ages.
 Contributions are excepted of new or slightly used children’s books.
Stay tuned for the announcement of The Book In Hand Project.

If you are cleaning out your children’s bookshelves and have books they have outgrown. See if your local Elementary schools could use them.

One thought on “Lets Talk Books: What are You Reading?

  1. Hi. The books I loved best in 2011 were: 'Unbroken,' 'Nothing Daunted,' 'Empire of the Summer Moon,' and a re-read of 'Charlotte's Web,' and 'To Kill a Mockingbird.' Three books I finished that I loved in the past 3 weeks were 'Stories I Only Tell My Friends,' 'Talk Show' (Dick Cavett book), and 'The Garner Files.' (James Garner). 'In the Garden of the Beast' is also a good read–Erik Larson's books are always great. I an now reading 'Rin Tin Tin' and the new Diane Keaton memoir….I read 1-2+ hours a day…

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