CLOSED Our Yard Birds – Name The Bird Contest

Congratulations michedt your our random picked winner!

Leave a comment with all of these birds names and you will go into a drawing for a prize. Prize winner will be drawn on April 02, 2012.
Contest rules:
1. Join this blog
2. Enter the names of as many birds as you can identify

Additional entry: Tweet about this contest.
U.S.Residents only – Must follow contest rules.


10 thoughts on “CLOSED Our Yard Birds – Name The Bird Contest

  1. I follow your blog, and my husband and I are avid birders, leaving in a month for Tucson to go birding.Names:Male Northern Cardinal, White-Winged Dove, Female Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, Male House Sparrow, Female House Sparrow

  2. Cardinal (Went to school in Del Valle, it's the mascot!)Dove (My grandmother raised doves)Cardinal againBlue JayHonestly, without looking at the other's answers, I wouldn't know the sparrows.Follow publicly via GFC, Michelle Tucker (the pic w/the frog)michedt at yahoo . com

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