D.I.Y.: Make Your Own Cleaning Wipes

How to make your own cleaning wipes.
The benefits of cleaning wipes are endless. They work wonders for quick-cleaning sessions as well as for thorough sanitization jobs. Plus, they are easily portable. But with an average cost of $10 a box, this convenient cleaning product can burn a sizable hole in your pocket. So if you’re a cleaning wipe addict like us, follow this simple recipe for a homemade version of the product.
What You’ll Need:
Paper towel roll (Tip: Thicker quilted half-sheet paper towels will be easier to use and less likely to shred and rip. )
Large zip-lock bag
Plastic food storage container
Drill with 1/2-inch drill bit (optional, for creating the wipe container)
Choice of the following cleaning solutions:
Favorite store-brand cleaner
2 Tbs. of
pure castille soap and 1-cup water
Equal parts rubbing alcohol and baby lotion
1.5-cups white vinegar and 1.5-cups water

How To Make It:
1. (Optional) Drill a hole through the lid of your food container.
2. Add paper towels (without ripping them apart) and choice of cleaning solution into the zip-lock bag.
3. Gently swish around and let towels absorb for 30 minutes to four hours.
4. Remove from bag and place into food container.
5. (Optional) Thread first paper towel through the hole on the lid for easier access. If you opt not to do this step, you can simply open the lid to access your homemade cleaning wipes.
6. Wipe to your heart’s content!

Credit: Article was taken from www.stylelist.com who owns the content of this post.


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