Earth Day Green Tips & Bird Feeder Project

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22, 2012

 In the United States it

is a day that was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson and focuses on environmental awareness. Another Earth Day called International Earth Day takes place earlier in the year on the Spring equinox.

Tips for bringing green into your life, day by day.
1.  Use rechargeable batteries — Duracell now has a line of pre-charged rechargeable batteries!
2.  Don’t use plastic storage containers, and definitely do not heat food within a plastic container in the microwave.
3.  If possible, take public transportation or walk.
4.  Unplug all of your appliances when you leave the house to save energy (and prevent a fire hazard). I agree except for your refrigerator.
5.  Don’t purchase disposable water bottles, but rather use recyclable (and refillable) beverage containers that you can fill with filtered water.
6.  Try your hand at composting (planting scraps from fruits, veggies, and coffee grounds outside), which will help create better soil and less landfill waste.
7.  Opt for direct deposit, online banking, and paperless statements to reduce your paper usage.
8.  Switch from paper and plastic bags to reusable bags and totes.
9.  Get in the habit of brushing your teeth with the water off, and encourage your children to do so, as well.
10.  Save water by decreasing your shower time — or rather take a bath, which uses less water than a shower.

See Photo Above:My own green project is to reuse a few plastic water or soda bottles to feed visiting birds. |Bird Feeder Project:

plastic bottle with lid, wooden spoon, dowel, bird seed, string or twine, knife,
Directions1. Find an empty 20 oz. water or soda plastic bottle.
2. Take lid off of the bottle and cut a home in the lid.
3. Take twine or string and pull it through the cut in the lid of the bottle.
Make sure the string is long enough to tie to a tree and hang down at least 6-8 inches.
4. Go to the hardware store and buy a dowel, midway of the bottle cut a round hole on each side just big enough to slide the down through from side to side. Then measure one inch above the dowel hole on each side and cut a hole the size of the top of a pencil eraser for the bird to reach the seed.
5. Find a wooden spoon and repeat the same process as you did tor the dowel.
Take off the lid of the bottle and pour birdseed into the bottle, replace lid and hang from a tree.
Credit: Project of the photograph was taken from pinterest, photographer unknown. Instructions are property of Southern Made In The Shade. Earth day tips were taken from author is Deirdre Uria.


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