Health: Risky Receipts

I had the best time shopping this last Saturday, and passed up many register receipts offered. First from Starbucks where I splurged on a iced mocha and was offered a receipt. It occured to me that all that paper was being offered to me that I had no use for, except to recycle it. If only a transaction could take place and the register had the option to either print a receipt or not. Of course when I purchase anything that I may need to return then I insist on a receipt.

Look what I found out as I researched receipts.
BPA Bisphonol-A a chemical linked to cancer and heart disease. has been found in 40 percent of receipts nationwide, including those from supermarkets. After handling receipts, “wash your hands but avoid alcohol based cleansers,” says Leeann Brown of the Environmental Working Group in Washington, D.C. which conducted the study. ” They increase BPA absorption.”

Credit: The last paragraph not in italic is property of  Fitness Magazine dated Nov./Dec. 2010. The photograph of receipts is property of this blog owner, Kathy Bradshaw of Southern Made In The Shade.


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