Closed Giveaway: America’s Cookbooks

America’s Cookbook is 66 pages filled with delicious family pleasing recipes. The recipes remind me of soul food it is back to basic cooking from years gone by.

Congratulations Amy and Laura you are our two winners and each of you will receive a America’s Cookbook.

Credit: Photographs are property of Southern Made In The Shade.
** Remember to follow all 3 steps in the Giveaway rules to be entered to win one of these cookbooks.

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47 thoughts on “Closed Giveaway: America’s Cookbooks

  1. My all time favorite is home made macaroni & cheese. I still have yet to make it as good as Mom. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Love the old fashion look to this cookbook 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hello, thanks for the follow from Katherine's blog hop.You have a very nice blog here. I'm following you now on GFC.Mommie…Again

  3. My fave dish would be beef stroganoff, my mom made it while I was growing up and now I am carrying on the tradition! My kids love it too! Thanks for the chance to win! Oh and my grandma's homemade banana pudding with Nilla wafers!I am g0t_bliss on Twitter. is my email

  4. Favorite dish…My moms Stewed Chicken and dumplings. Made the old German way. I follow your blog and you on face book.would be a nice cookbook to send with my daughter to school this year.

  5. I follow your block via GFC ( Deborah Hogue )and My favorite recipe out of this cookbook would be blueberry crisp because blueberries aremy all time favorite fruit. My favorite recipe thatis not in the cookbook, would be my homemade eggrolls,I could eat them all day and have lol

  6. This was a difficult decision but my favorite dish is Tortilla Soup! So many ways you can change it up! Great year round but especially on a cold, wintery day! Ole! Ole!

  7. My favorite dish is Tortilla Soup! So many ways you can change it up! And some Mexican Cornbread goes great with it! Great year-round, but especially hits the spot on a cold, wintry day! Ole! Ole! I follow Southern Made in the Shade blog! I follow Nettie Pearl on Facebook!

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