Nessa’s Dream

Ranessa with true hope dollsFolks you will be hearing lots about this nonprofit project that I am closely associated with, Nessa’s Dream.
Ranessa Grant the young lady who has this dream is my niece from Crawford Texas.
She has been through so much in her life but what she wants to do is Give Back.
Her dream is to give dolls to girls going through the same experiences she went through.
I told Nessa that I would like to become involved to help her reach a goal of 100 dolls for her project.
We have set a hefty goal but I have no worry that it won’t be reached before Christmas 2013.
True Hope Bratz doll Ranessa
Here her mother, Ruth Lowrey shares her daughters story.
One thing Ruth left out was that she gave Ranessa one of her kidneys.
So to me both ladies are my heroes!


As most everyone knows my daughter Ranessa has had a challenging life. Her kidneys failed when she was 6, she had a kidney transplant at 7, & due to the immune suppression drugs for her transplant a virus attacked her immune system at the age of 12 which caused a type of cancer to attack her brain which the doctors DID NOT expect her to live through. Praise God she DID & is a miracle ! After going through chemo & radiation she lost all her hair. So now comes to her dream…..her & her sister Stephanie collected Bratz dolls when they were little… Bratz have now came out with their “True Hope” doll which is a bald doll in honor of cancer ! Ranessa has started collecting these dolls so that she can take them to Cook Childrens Hospital to give to cancer patients. If u would like to participate in donating to “Nessa’s Dream” please contact us. All donations or dolls would be appreciated.

You can contact me by leaving a message here.
Contact Ranessa Grant on Facebook
Won’t You Help Southern Made In The Shade, and Ranessa meet her goal to make some little girls very happy next year.
Happy New Year,
Kathy Bradshaw

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