Pantry Challenge

I was reading an article about a family that wanted to trim their grocery bill.
Their plan was to prioritize by using the food currently in your pantry and freezer before heading to the grocery store.
I thought how well that would work for me and my husband then again not at all.
Here is my plan on how to begin that process.
1. Take out all food one package or can at a time and check expiration dates.
My husband is the chef in the family yet thinks food in a package is good until used.
2. Check all can goods for expiration and toss it without giving it a second thought.
3. Empty pantry completely and wash all racks and mop the floor.
I did this a few months ago but won’t admit how long it had been prior to then, who can remember that long ago.
4. Donate any food that you know you will not use before it expires.
We have a great program at our grocery store where they will give you a certain amount of food for purchasing their entrée deal of the week.
Neither one of use will ever eat that applesauce.

In closing I must admit I like the idea of the pantry challenge.


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