Trenton Turtle’s Misadventure

Trenton Box Turtle

Trenton was a box turtle and a fine young turtle he was. He lived near a creek where food was plenty and he could visit the other turtle families on his daily travels. He was such a nice turtle that even the squirrels left him alone when he napped in the shade under their tree.
One thing all the wood critters agreed on is he was a friend to everyone, you could depend on Trenton to always have a smile.
It was a windy rainy day when Trenton ventured to far from his home to a busy highway where certain danger awaited him. He slipped onto the road and couldn’t get his tiny legs up on the curb back onto dry land. Just about the time a big truck was barrelling down the road towards him he heard a voice. “Honey hurry and help that poor turtle. ” It was a human lady.
Trenton had never seen people before but it gave him a warm feeling to hear the ladies voice.

Just about that time he felt his feet all four of them leave the ground. It was like the birds and squirrels had landed and grabbed his shell to fly him to safety. But no, it was a person the ladies Honey he thought. A nice man was carrying him from the hard surface slick road onto a grassy, area. Trenton closed his eyes tight and felt the grass touch all four of his feet again. Whew he thought I have been saved. He tucked his head down close to the ground and moved all four of his fat feet as fast as he could deeper into the woods.

Sally the squirrel chirped from her tree branch when she saw him coming. “Where have you been Trenton?” “What was that critter that had a hold of you?” Trenton heard her but just kept moving through the weeds towards his home as fast as his feet would carry him.
Being the inquisitive squirrel she was Sally followed him. As she scampered around Trenton he stopped beside the stream that he called home and leaned upon his home which was actually a hollowed out log. Tell me she insisted. “What was that thing that had you so high in the air?” “Please tell me Trenton Please?”

Still out of breath but feeling some better in his best turtle voice Trenton said.”His name is Honey.” It wasn’t long until Sally scampered away to gather more nuts for her babies dinner.

Written by Kathy Bradshaw
Dedicated to my grandson Johnny

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