April Shares Her Pregnancy

Hello Ladies,
I want to introduce you to my best friend and beautiful daughter April Reel Bogus.
At 29 years of age she and her husband Darren are expecting their first child.
After four wonderful years of marriage they are looking forward to welcoming John Henry David, they will call Johnny.
I wanted to ask April about her pregnancy and share her insight with you all.
She is such a great daughter, loving, kind, generous, and supportive in all I do. She was delighted to share with her Mom.
I love all four of my Grandsons but don’t get to see them often as we live several miles away from each other.
Needless to say I and her dad, David are ecstatic to live close to them.
So we can be here to be supportive and get to be involved Grandparents.

April's bump

Here is our interview hope you enjoy it and please leave us a comment.
I asked April if she would share how her pregnancy has gone  and what she has learned.
Thank you so much for taking time to share your pregnancy journey with us, April.

April shares
Being pregnant, especially almost 9 months pregnant, has been surprisingly easy on me. Since I’m not high risk & baby & I am healthy, I just have normal aches & pains of pregnancy.

Some days my hips hurt so bad it’s hard to get out of bed, but once I get to moving the pain usually subsides for a while & I can get housework like laundry and dishes done. I don’t find that my huge belly gets in the way of much, but it is occasionally hard to bend all the way over & pull clothes out of the back of our dryer.

One thing that has surprised me (and I was warned about at my first OB appointment), is the fact that I tend to run out of breath fairly easy and I do get dizzy a lot here lately. When that happens, I either sit or lay down, maybe have a little snack, but I always force water. Just resting a bit seems to help with that portion of pregnancy.

I’m super thankful to be a stay at home wife (and soon to be Mommy), as I know a lot of ladies are still working up until the day or a few days before they give birth. Pregnancy is no walk in the park on my best days, so those women get major props from me!

It’s also quite nice to have a wonderful partner who doesn’t mind working 40 hours a week and helping me when I’m not feeling so good. Some days, no matter how much rest you get during your pregnancy, you’ll still be just worn out. Making a baby takes a lot of energy, so it’s important to not be too hard on yourself when you do need a little extra help. It’s always better to take great care of yourself and your little one, than to push yourself. The laundry & dishes will still be there when you feel like doing them 🙂

Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant. I love feeling my baby move, I sleep through the night (other than waking up every two hours to tinkle), I’ve had minimal aches and pains. People tend to be extra nice to you when you’re pregnant, holding doors for you, stopping their cars far away so you can take your time crossing to & from stores. Take advantage of these, as you won’t be pregnant for long (in the grand scheme of things) and it’s nice to be doted upon by complete strangers!

Being pregnant is a special time in life for those who choose to have children and don’t forget that your partner is going to parent too, so don’t forget to also dote upon them when you feel up to it. It’ll pay off in the long run on those sleepless nights when you need a little love and support!

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