My IKEA Lunch & Shopping Experience

IKEA Lunch
 had this Greek salad and strawberries with unsweetened ice tea for lunch today.
My trip to IKEA was very enjoyable today. I went to pick up a couple of crib sheets for April and Darren’s new baby Johnny expected in a few short weeks.
Thought I would share that it was such a wonderful experience to shop there. I took my cane since I have back issues knew I would need it.
What I didn’t know until I got there was you can get a complimentary wheelchair to use while you shop. All I had to do was give them my drivers license to hold. The wheelchair is not electric so you need muscles to roll yourself around or a friend. Since I was alone I rolled awhile then pushed it awhile.
I can’t wait to go back when Johnny gets older to shop with him for toys. Oh the wonders we will see and treasures we will find.