Beauty: 5 Ways to Keep That Young Glow

Short nails painted in a soft pink or nude hue looks dainty and fresh.
Gives you that innately flawless hands.

Health tip – Walk
Take a daily brisk 30 minute walk to give you that rosy natural skin glow.
Walking jump starts your metabolism and circulation.

Eye Cream
Keep your eye cream in the refrigerator for quick under eye depuffer.
You will feel instantly refreshed.

Bath Time
Soak in a warm but not to hot bath with essential oils like jojoba, sesame or sweet almond.
The heat penetrates the oil into your skin for a soft silky result.
Choose a skin softening bath oil with a scent that normally relaxes you.

Firming Body Cream
Choose creams that contain caffeine, ginseng, seaweed, or mushroom extract.

You have noticed that I haven’t mentioned specific product brands.
I think the hunt for your own products is half the fun of deciding what works best for you.


Junk Drawer Declutter

Junk drawer
 Used in this photo, ice tray, small and mid sized bowls, and note cards in a clear cellophane bag.

OK it might just be me but we have always had a junk drawer in our kitchen.
In 2010 after a car accident after working outside my home for 26 years I became a housewife.
All those hours of work time thinking of things I would do and organizing my drawers were on my list.

Dump, clean, and reorganize is the key to this declutter project.
Remember if you find makeup, gum, mints, check if they are expired then toss them.
I like the idea of using items you already own such as the ice try and bowls shown above.