Meet John Henry David Bogus & Folks

I haven’t been online much the past few weeks. I am proud as punch to tell you why I have been so preoccupied.
We have a new member of our family, John Henry David Bogus born to April and Darren Bogus.
April 03, 2013 at 7:33 A.M. 8 Lbs. 3 ozs. and 19 inches long.
At his two week appointment he is growing and very healthy. Those two hour feedings are working. 🙂
Johnny is my 5th grandson but the only fellow that lives near me so I am getting to see him daily.
As you can tell I am one proud Nana! Mom and baby are doing very well except for some sleep deprivation on Mommy’s part.

055027Johnny New born pictures 3Johnny New born pictures 2Johnny First day HomeFirst day home with his wonderful parents! He is one lucky and loved little guy. Welcome Home Johnny!


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