At Home Coffee Break Recipe & Giveaway

Hello and Happy Friday to Everyone!

I decided it was time to share with you how I made my own version of Iced French Vanilla Coffee.
Do you have a favorite coffee recipe  of your own?  Share it with me and I will enter you in my Mug Giveaway!!
Please share the word and you get an extra entry for everyone who mentions you sent them.
Keep cool and drink lots of iced coffee this summer.



Craft: Gift Basket for Graduate


My nieces graduation gift basket I made on a budget.
On June 1st my niece Ranessa will graduate from Crawford High School in Crawford, TX.
I find it so much fun building gift baskets that is my go to skill for gifts. I have to admit shopping for the basket is so much fun for a frugal shopper.
Since we live several miles apart at first I was at a loss on where to start building her basket. Then like a lightening bolt I went to my coupon binder.
In my coupons I found $1 off coupons on any Wet N Wild product. At our local grocery Wet N Wild nail polish, lipstick, and eye liner are 93 cents each.
With several coupons in hand I got 12 assorted nail polishes, 3 lipsticks, and 1 eyeliner.
I got 16 Wet N Wild items free. My grocery store doesn’t have a limit on like item coupons.
The other items in this gift basket were purchased in either clearance or discounted sections of my favorite stores.
I paid only a $1 for the basket and thought about spray painting it but decided it looked fine as I found it.
TIP: Next time your in Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Dollar Tree, or Ross look for those items in their mark down, clearance, or close out sections.

Review: Mini Teflon Baking Sheet


I wanted to write a review to share with you how much we enjoy using our Mini Teflon sheet.
The surface measures 8-Inches by 6-Inches and the non stick Teflon makes this pan easy to clean.
When I won two of these mini baking pans from Teflon my first thought was how will we ever use these.
Needless to say we have found so many uses for these cute little baking sheets.
My husband is the Chef in the family and uses the baking sheet often since there is only the two of us.
As you can see by my photo you can fit three corn-dogs nicely on this little baking pan.

At 6 Weeks Johnny Meets Gloworm


Playskool Play Favorites Lullaby Gloworm Toy – Blue


Right before Johnny was born I was having a nice conversation on Twitter with Playskool.
One day out of the blue they wanted to send Johnny a welcome to the world gift. It happened to be a Lullaby Gloworm toy.
I was over at his house for the day right after he turned 6 weeks old and wondered if he might like to meet his Gloworm.
April and Darren, his mom and dad had put it on his shelf still in the packaging. I carefully unwrapped it and stood it beside Johnny in his bassinet.
The music began and the face light up and so did his. Clearly by these photos I get Johnny’s approval.
As a safety precaution we removed it from his bassinet or crib when we are not in his eye sight.
I consider it a wonderful newborn toy that he will love for years to come.

Special Thank You to the kind Playskool folks who sent us this special gift.
By the way you can buy this exact model at ToysRUs.

Some Of My Favorite Products

I like to try new products and wanted to share some of my all time favorites.
You will see makeup, facial cleaners, lotions, lip balm, and other products I can’t live without.
Do you have a favorite go to beauty product?
Please leave a comment and share with everyone what is your go to!

How To Combat Insomnia


I sometimes suffer from insomnia and found out that laying there counting sheep doesn’t help.
As I was researching some reasons that people can’t sleep and how to combat insomnia. I ran across this study that I found interesting.

A preliminary University of Pittsburgh study suggests that cooling your head by, say, tucking and ice pack into your pillowcase or keeping your bedroom temperature between 61 degrees and 66 degrees can significantly reduce brain activity linked to stressful fearful or anxious thoughts.
Making it easier to get a good night’s rest.