At Home Coffee Break Recipe & Giveaway

Hello and Happy Friday to Everyone!

I decided it was time to share with you how I made my own version of Iced French Vanilla Coffee.
Do you have a favorite coffee recipe  of your own?  Share it with me and I will enter you in my Mug Giveaway!!
Please share the word and you get an extra entry for everyone who mentions you sent them.
Keep cool and drink lots of iced coffee this summer.



5 thoughts on “At Home Coffee Break Recipe & Giveaway

  1. michele malone says:

    when I can find half and half at a discount, I make my own creamer. 🙂 It’s kind of trial and error as far as how much sweetener you will need, so I like to start low. 🙂 pour out about a half a cup of the half and half, then add 3 tablespoons of sugar. next I add a little of whatever kind of flavorings or extracts I have in the cabinet. they’re pretty inexpensive right after christmas, so I stock up. maple is a favorite here. add about a teaspoon, and shake or stir till the sugar is mixed through. then pour back what you took out at the beginning till it’s full. Make that first cup of coffee using it like you would your normal creamer, and give it a test. if it’s not sweet enough, add a little sugar to the bottle. you can put in the rest of what you took out for room now too. 🙂 we have made peppermint, cinnamon, maple, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, butter rum, and a combination of some of those.

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