D.I.Y. Canning Jar Soap Dispenser


D.I.Y. Canning Jar Soap Dispenser
I bought pint canning Kerr jars and saved the pumps from empty soap dispensers.
I had some idea how to go about this but luckily April, my daughter was here to help me.
April is such a big help when I have these ideas to help me follow through with them.

To make the hole take a marker and circle the top of the soap dispenser that will sit on top of the jar.
Screw the lid onto the jar, take a screw driver and with a hammer tap a hole in the top of the jar lid.
You may need to make a couple of holes in the lid until the pump will fit into that hole.
Underneath the lid you will have sharp metal pieces so you need to keep that in mind.
You will need to fold the sharp metal edges back into the bottom of the jar lid.