Family: Aunt Perry’s Make up Case

In this picture left to right, Darren,Fannie,Jay,me,Aunt Perry,Uncle Willie taken in 2009.
April is taking the picture.

My Uncle Willie married Aunt Perry in the 70’s right after I graduated from high school.
He had been a constant presence from birth and I adored my Uncle Willie and soon loved his wife, Perry the same.
When my children were growing up they made the two hour drive for every holiday to spend with us. Aunt Perry had grown children from a previous marriage.
Sadly last year she passed away and left a hole in our hearts. All the memories I have of Aunt Perry gives me a warm happy feeling.
As an impressionable teen she taught me how to wear heels, do my hair, all the girly stuff.
One of my fondest memories is how much of a beauty Perry was with her makeup on and dressed up.
She always wanted her face made up before she left the house to run errands. Unfortunately that habit never wore off on me.
While visiting out of town family with my daughter, April, her husband Darren, and their 2 month old baby Johnny we got to see Uncle Willie.
He has previously shared Aunt Perry’s standing jewelry box with April and I,a treasure we are so proud to own.
April grew up loving her Great Aunt Perry so much.
I remember one Christmas when April got dishes but no play stove. Aunt Perry grabbed an empty box, couple of markers and drew up that much needed stove. Then played for hours with April cooking up pretend meals for all of us to share.
On a recent road trip to visit family with April and Darren to introduce their baby Johnny then 10 weeks old.
It was very exciting when Uncle Willie gifted to us Aunt Perry’s makeup case. I went through it few evenings ago with a fine tooth comb.
As you can guess I had to toss the make up but found a sweet little double mirror I saved and some new make up brushes.
What I found to be the most treasured item was the travel case itself. I remember her carrying that case countless times, she would never leave home without it.
I took a bottle of Simple Green and scrubbed and scrubbed that train case. As you can see some of the makeup stains on the outside just would not come out. My first thought was a flash of disappointment not to be able to bring that old case back to its new gleam.
Just a second later it dawned on me like a smile from her face, it is a reminder that this train case belonged to Perry Thornton Tyus.
I never want to remove those stains now it is like a badge of who she was, a lovely, caring, loving woman who could fish and cook with the best.
Picture on the left is Johnny with his Great Grandmother Bradshaw, right is Johnny with Great Grandmother Reel, Johnny and April his mommy.