Review: Nivea Touch Of Serenity Moisturizing Body Wash

Review: Nivea Touch Of Serenity Moisturizing Body Wash ****
After several trials and reviews of body washes I finally found this one by Nivea.
I located it at our local grocery chain store H.E.B.
Being a fan of Oil of Olay and Nivea products, thought I would give this new product a try.
The scent was fresh and not overpowering which I found appealing.

Nivea has several scents to choose from and retails less that $4 a bottle.
Great price to the frugal shopper in me.
I do feel that my skin was softer after my shower so the moisturizer in it seems to work well.
I give this new Nivea Body Wash a four out of five stars. Only because I need to use it a few times to be completely sold.


D.I.Y. Cupcake Picture Picks

For my daughter April and son in law Darren’s; Come Meet Johnny party I made these personalized cupcake picks.
John Henry David Bogus was born on 04/03/2013 a healthy baby boy. Friends and family wanted to rush to meet him but his folks wanted time for him to build up his immune system first.
After a couple round of vaccinations Johnny was ready to meet everyone.
Being his Nana I was the first on the invitation list so I asked April if I could bake cupcakes.

As a surprise I made these cupcake picks.
What you will need:
Photo you want to use
Photocopier or go to a shop that makes copies
Box of toothpicks
Decide how many you want to make and make that amount of copies of your photo.
Take the stack of copied photographs for this project I chose to print in black and white.
Trim the photo to about the size of a quarter.
Trim a piece of paper to glue to the back of the photo. I used a piece of copy paper for my backing.
Insert a toothpick and a spot of glue,between the backing paper and photo. Press gently together.
Set aside a few minutes to dry
Your done! Now just bake a couple dozen cupcakes or your sweet of choice to use these adorable picks in.
I was thinking of different ways to uses this photo picks.
You could insert these in tarts, a cake, breakfast muffins either mini or regular sizes.
Let your imagination be your guide. Have fun with your D.I.Y. projects!