Review: Bolthouse Farms Carrots


Do you know anyone that writes reviews about vegetables?
Now you do, after trying these particular brand of Bolthouse Farms carrots.
Bolthouse Farms carrots meets my high standards for vegetables.
First they harvested at the peak of freshness, taste, color, and crispness.

Most people purchase a bag of carrots, prepare them and never give this vegetable another thought. I am one of those cooks until I noticed that Bolthouse Farms carrots were different. They had a slightly sweet taste and when prepared with my roast after hours of cooking, held together nicely.
Boldhouse Farms has been growing and selling carrots since 1915.

Located in Bakersfield California and I am proud to boast they are U.S.A. grown.
When the carrots are ready, they are harvested cleaned, packaged, and rushed to a store near you.
Bolthouse Farms knows what they are doing with this tried and true method of distribution.
 Visit them online anytime at
Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any form for doing this review. This review and opinions are my own.