Vintage Find: Tony The TIger Mug

Hello everyone,
I am excited to show you my weekend thrifting find.
What past time makes you happy?
Give me a dusty overstocked thrift store and I am in heaven.

I did a little shopping today and found this cool mug in mint condition.
Fire King Anchor Hocking TONY the TIGER Coffee Cup just made me smile when I say it.
My guess is it is from the 70’s. I paid .99 for this fun nostalgia find.

My daughter April, and I plan to replace items in my kitchen with retro, vintage items.
So think this cute mug has found a home.
What have you found while out shopping that you couldn’t live without?
I also purchased a couple more picture frames to paint and ad to my collection of white frames.
My total bill was $3.16.