Brooms – What To Choose For What Job

After using two brooms for almost 18 years it is time to purchase a new broom.
I have a little whisk broom that came with my dust pan is perfect for quick clean ups.
I began to research what type of brooms are out there and for what jobs.

Four brooms that are under serious consideration.
Traditional corn broom – Great for a porch or deck since corn brooms have bristles that are sturdy.
Use to sweep away dirt, pebbles, tiny sticks, acorns, and grass.
Push broom – has a over sized head with stiff inner fibers and soft outer fibers.
Use on a sidewalk, driveway or patio to sweep leaves, pine straw, and dirt.
INSIDE brooms
Ergonomic broom – For anyone with a bad back this broom has a slightly curved handle.
Bendable Flex neck broom – For cleaning awkward areas; such as under cabinets or low furniture.


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