Review: McDonald’s Happy Meal Healthy Options

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On a cold windy December day in Austin my daughter April, also a local blogger and I attended an event. McDonald’s Go Gurt Happy Meal Launch Party

We were greeted by the franchise owner, Delmy Ustariz and a local dietitian, Katy Hall.
Katy was on hand to answer all of our questions about healthier meal options now offered at McDonald’s.
Mrs. Delmy Ustariz explained that McDonald’s in Austin had been chosen to launch the new Happy Meal Go Gurt yogurt option.
We were given a tour, lunch, with a informative question and answer session.

It seems that the golden arches franchise owners were getting requests for a Happy Meal yogurt option.
I like to say they have matured to fit into a healthier life style. Yes, you can get the mini fries or maybe skip them and go for something different. We all love McDonald’s French Fries they are legendary, and fantastic in moderation.

UPDATE as of February 2014 Currently being offered in Austin area McDonald’s Happy Meals are apple slices, Go Gurt yogurt, and now Cutie’s.
By the way Cutie’s mandarins are also sold separately so you can get that needed vitamin C boost.
Next time you visit a Austin McDonald’s go ahead and feel good about your choices.

Did you ever wonder what it looks like behind the counter at your McDonald’s.
I felt like I was in the Wizard of Oz looking behind the wizards curtain.
Every staff member greeted us with a smile!

For 55 years McDonald’s have been serving those wonderful french fries.
We learned about their storage of fresh ingredients, safety procedures, sanitation, and recycling efforts. In one photo you will see fresh baked cookies from the oven which takes 2 minutes.
I found out that when you order your breakfast eggs at McDonald’s they use real eggs!
It was such a nice tour and opened my eyes to the efforts that McDonald’s goes through offering nutritious options.
I am proud to say I am a life long fan of McDonald’s.



30 thoughts on “Review: McDonald’s Happy Meal Healthy Options

  1. carol n says:

    My absolute favorite, I don’t get it very often is the Big Mac, no onions with extra sauce… I usually just order off the dollar menu

  2. tat2gurlzrock says:

    you are so cute!To be honest with you I always order their cheeseburger and my fiance’ loves the chicken mc nuggets

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