Book Review: The Gravity of Birds by Tracy Guzeman

Book The Gravity of Birds

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Hello book lovers,

I wanted to share with you a book I read last week.
The Gravity of Birds by Tracy Guzeman, a novel that is full of intrigue and mystery.
Did you ever read a book that you couldn’t put down, here is one.

From 1963, for eight summers the two teenage sisters and their family summers at a lake house.
Both girls have crushes on a artist, Thomas Bayber an older man nearly 30 years old.
Natalie and Alice Kessler were so enamored with Thomas that they posed for a portrait.
Skip some 40 years ahead Thomas is now a famous artist and has a painting he wants to unveil to the public.
Several collectors are interested in acquiring this portrait but it will only be for sale when the girls are located. You will soon learn why this artist wants to locate the women so many decades later.
Learn how the painter and the girls lifes became intertwined.
This review is not doing this story justice, when you think you know the flow of the story it veers in another direction.
The author takes the reader back and forth from the seemingly idyllic summer days at the lake and then back to the present. With flashbacks perfectly time and smooth progression of the story, I found it a nice read.

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