Review: Tuckaroo Bib

BibBib review

My review of the Tuckaroo bib being modeled by John Henry David Bogus my 1 year old grandson.
He took it on a trial run to eat out with his Mommy, April and I at Soup or Salad.
First he tried the green peas, baby spinach leaves, zucchini, boiled egg, then two jars of baby food.
After a leisurely lunch his sweater was clean without a single stain.
Special THANKS to Johnny and April his Mommy for taking me to lunch!

The unique style of the Tuckaroo bib is what sets it apart from other bibs.
Each Tuckaroo has a unique flap sewn underneath that tucks into the shirt to protect the garment from spillage.
I am happy to share IT Works!!

Tuckaroo bibs can be found at several retail locations or visit their website to learn where to buy.
Check out Tuckaroo bibs on Facebook.

Credit: I am not associated with the fine folks that manufacture Tuckaroo Bib products.
I was gifted this tuckaroo product from another source.


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