CLOSED Review and Giveaway: Ban’s Total refresh Cooling Body Cloths


Ban Cooling Body Cloths

Hello Everyone,

Thanks so much for reading my posts.

It really means a lot that you enter my giveaways, post comments, and enjoy my random acts of fun!
Today I want to introduce you to Ban’s Total refresh Cooling Body Cloths, you get 10 per package for under $3.
I live right outside of Austin Texas and boy howdy do we get some hot humid days in our part of the country.
I am always looking for some way to stay fresh while on the go and these new cooling cloths did the trick.
There are three sense but so far I have only been able to find two both are mild fragrances, which I prefer.

My usual preference for wipes are Target’s Up and Up baby wipes which work well enough.
Now my new favorite are these little wipes from the makers of Ban roll on deodorant.
Would you like to win a package before you purchase one? Just enter my giveaway and 4 people will WIN a package.

Thanks Yall and good luck!
Kathy B.
Aka: Nana
Giveaway: Ban Total refresh Cooling Body Cloths
                    10 count package
4  Winners for this giveaway.
Giveaway rules:
1.  Follow this blog
2.  Leave a comment with your email.

US Residents only. Must include your email to be contacted.
Giveaway ends May 01, 2014

Credit: Photo is property of Kathy B owner of this blog and Supper With Nana.
I am not associated with the manufacturers of this product and no compensation was taken for this review.


2 thoughts on “CLOSED Review and Giveaway: Ban’s Total refresh Cooling Body Cloths

  1. Becky Jahnke says:

    I just saw these for the first time in the paper this week, I looked at Walgreens for them but couldn’t find them.

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