What Your Dog Breed Says About You

My Nurse, Peanut

Hi Everyone,
I was pondering why we choose the breeds of dogs we do as furry members of our families.
My first dog as an adult I choose because of her size and adorable looks.
We were living in a smaller 1200 square foot home so that played a major role in my decision at the time.
Peanut lived to a ripe old age of 13 years before crossing that rainbow bridge.
Today I was reading an article in Psychology Today which shared some fun facts about why we pick our furry friends.
Researchers in Bath, England conducted a survey of 1200 people online and found that certain personality traits determine our choices.
Here is what they found if you prefer:
German Shepherds
Your Most Likely Outgoing
Your An Agreeable Soul
Border Collies
Athletic Individuals
Those Considered Stable Minded

What does your dog say about you?
It is more likely that certain personality traits are attracted to certain breeds.
Today I am the proud mom to a mixed breed rescue 2 year old, Lyric.
Her mama was a dachshund and dad a beagle, she is a sweet gal and treasured part of our family.

Enjoy your furry babies no matter what breed you incorporate into your family.
If you are looking for a dog, please visit your local shelters.
They have some deserving little souls that will love you forever.
I speak from experience, Lyric is a rescue from a shelter!


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