3 Words and Their Definitions

Hello Everyone,

Reading has always been one of passions and now I find time to indulge in this hobby.
What occurred to me is when my children, now grown used to have list of spelling words to learn.
Keeping that in mind I thought it would be fun to weekly share three words that may not be often used.
Some words that I share may be part of your conversations already.
With that in mind I am beginning with these three words and their definitions.

Please let me know if you want to add to this list.
Maybe we can expand minds or in the least entertain someone.

1. Estaminet (e-stag-nee-nay)
a: price drop b: small café c. shopping spree
2. Defray (di-fray)
a: lose value b: provide payment for c: offset
3. Chaffer
a: to haggle over a price with a vendor

June 10


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