Review: Flu Immunization



I recently went to Walgreens and got my flu shot.

While most families are finishing up their summer vacations, and shopping for back to school, why not get your flu shots.
It was a hot muggy midday while at my local Walgreens, it occurred to me to inquire about the flu vaccine.
To my surprise I was told it is here and I could beat the rush by getting my shot now.
In amazement at the pharmacist warm response I handed over my insurance card .
At Walgreens my insurance covered the cost of my injection at 100%.
If I had waited and made a doctors appointment there would of been a copay charge.
To sum up my experience, why not check out the fine folks at Walgreens for all of your needed vaccinations this year.
After a short wait, my injection was administered  by a certified pharmacist.
I left the store happy  that I have one less item on my Fall to do list.
Honestly it is such a great feeling as a Nana to know that I am protecting not only myself but my grandbabies.






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