Family Conservation

Hello Happy Fall,

Our family moved six weeks to our dream home. It got me thinking of furnishings, decor, and ways to reduce some of the excess material possesions. Which brought to mind recycling, donating, and how to reduce what will be in our landfills. Last night I watched a show on the Nasa channel about Interstellar travel and the possibilities of such a reach. How sad to abuse the earth to the point that people must vacate to space to survive. Now this idea of colonies in space is being discussed as an option.

It boggles my mind the abuse this planets inhabitants has put on it!  So what if each one of us could help reduce this damage to our earth, one household at a time. It takes many voices to make a mighty sound, please join me on my crusade to conserve and take a second to just think before you discard a unwanted item!

Here are a few ways our family practices conservation.

Recycling Can Recycling Can image

Kitchen Recycle Bin

Kitchen Recycle Bin

Johnny uses birthday bag to carry his books.

Johnny uses birthday bag to carry his books.


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