Zep Cleanster Review



After using Zep

After using Zep

Hello everyone,
Our family moved into a new home a couple months ago.
Prior to our move I did not have a laundry room. My washer and dryer were next to the back door. Due to limited space the soda can crusher hung above the dryer which made a mess. The dryer is old but has life left in it so keeping it clean is a priority. This was a job for a tough cleaner.
After joining #crowdtap I was able to get into the Zep cleansters campaign. Perfect timing to tackle a much needed cleaning task.After using both Zep cleaners I am a fan.

I used the first the Zep All Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser product on my dryer top. One feature of Zep cleaning products other than their cleaning capabilities that I like is they have a light clean scent. Just sprayed the cleaner on the tough spots left it for 3 minutes then with little effort wiped it clean.
The next room I tackled with Zep All Around Clean Disinfectant was my bathroom sink,counters,and tub. With a toddler in the house we wash our hands a lot so our sinks must be kept clean.
Finally used the all purpose Zep cleanster on all light switches, door knobs, and our entire kitchen surfaces.
So while you go about your cleaning routine #TryZep.
Zep disenfecting Cleansters power out germs especially during cold and flu season.

Happy Holidays,
From my home to yours!



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