My Favorite Book: The Book of Choices

I rarely do a book review these days. Since my literary selections are chosen by my 20 month old grandson, Johnny.

Our family made a big move in September 2014. My husband has been building shelves in the garage. Little by little my contribution has been to unpack boxes. While doing as minimal work in this area as possible, I found my favorite book of all time.



The Book of Choices

A Treasury of Insights for Personal and Professional Growth

Mike Magee, M.D.

Published in 2002 Dr. Magee holds all copyrights.

Now self help books are not one of my genres, preference leans towards history, and modern day romance.

Book of Choices gives me hope when I am down, direction when lost, and the feeling that I am hearing from a friend.

Book of Choices consists of subjects, with each one discussed in a no nonsense way by Dr. Magee. Following his words are quotes on the subject by historical people.

For example on the topic of life and death. He writes that death is inevitable and asks you to think, is death a continuum or something taken away in the night.
The good doctor shares that the thought of death should be given consideration. Don’t dwell on the time that is left, as life is short. Live and love with great appreciation.

If you ever get a chance grab The Book of Choices. By Mike Magee

I don’t personally know this gentleman but I like how he thinks.

“When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“Try to learn something new every day, so your day is never wasted.” J.C.Reel Jr.
My father.

You can read reviews and order this book if you like here.


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