Interview: Jay Reel On His Writing Process

Interview With Jay Reel about his writing process.

I am writing a lot lately and looking for guidance and direction from others. Last weekend I had the pleasure of a leisurely lunch with Indie Writer, Producer, Director, Jay Reel of Lake Mexia, Texas.

I must pause here to Wholeheartedly Thank  You, Jay Reel for letting me interview you.

It was my pleasure to ask Jay a few questions about his writing process.

Q. We discussed the fact that you listen to music while you write. What were you listening to while writing  Dawn?

A. I found that the album by R.E.M.  “Automatic For The People”  helped me stay on track while writing, it set the mood for me. Actually the music had nothing to do with vampires but inspired me.

Q. Once you started writing your book, Dawn First Seven Years, how long did it take you?

A. It took about 2 months to write the book.

Q. When you write a story, do you complete the entire book then edit? Can you share a little about editing your movie.

A. I worked on different drafts of the Dawn script for close to a year, before the final draft. I was editing the book as I wrote, because I wanted to have it ready for “Frightmare” that year.

I kind of made up a lot of the story as I was writing.

Jay has been writing, acting, recording radio shows, filming, producing, and directing for 32 plus years. He is working on a project currently photographing old buildings now in ruin.

I asked him “Why are you interested in these structures”? His answer gave me insight into the man he is now. “Think about it, these places were businesses, homes and each structure had a life of its own.”

I understood instantly what Jay was telling me, people built these structures and coveted the keys to each door. What most see as derelict country stores, houses, and gas stations are long forgotten by most. Through photographs Jay Reel shows he still cares. Visit him on Facebook to see a few of these amazing pictures. See link below.

Some of his work includes:

Book-Dawn Year Seven

Visit Jay Reel on Facebook to view some of his photographs of derelict  buildings.

Texas Frightmare Weekend  is the Southwest’s premier horror convention, located in Dallas Texas during the month of May.


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