New To Me: GoPro Camera & Junior Chesty

Hello All,
I was watching the TODAY show this morning and saw a three year old wearing a chest harness with a GoPro camera. WOW it was such a cool concept, being about to see what your child is doing and recording their actions for future enjoyment. I am sure this may not be new to some of you but the idea to use this cute camera set off a light bulb to me.

You can buy a variety of harnesses to fit different sized children, listed below is just one source. We have an active two year old grandson, Johnny and his folks plan to take him on fun outings this summer. How fun would a it be to record a GoPro view of what he is seeing at the Zoo. He has a new baby sister, Dorothy who is five months old, she adores her big brother. How wonderful it will be to record her cute faces when brother comes near to pat her little head and say hello.
GoPro cameras are so affordable and now with these harness in various sizes your only limited by your imagination.

Junior Chesty (Chest Harness) Images Smaller-sized chest harness perfect for kids and adolescents. Ages 3+ only. Compatibility: All GoPro cameras – See more at:

Credit: I am sharing my opinions on both the GoPro and Junior Chesty Harness. I have not received any compensation from either company and not associated with them in any way.


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