Meet BrushyBall Toothbrushing Coach

I would like to introduce you to BrushyBall currently on Kickstarter.
BrushyBall is one extraordinary toothbrush holder for kids. Sparkling white teeth light up in sections and BrushyBall speaks to guide young brushers through a follow-the-leader game each time they brush.

Just to be open about this introduction it takes a lot to interest me in a kickstarter campaign. After reviewing what others are saying and connecting with the inventor it convinced me to become involved.
Our household consists of four adults and two babies. Johnny just turned 2 years old and has been brushing for awhile but not alone. We are preparing for when he stands at the sink and begins brushing his teeth on his very own. He has a younger sister Dottie that is now almost 7 months but as she grows the challenge of keeping both little ones involved with brushing is a priority.

I hope you enjoy learning about this great product for kids. If you would like to contribute every dollar helps.
I wanted to give you the following links to learn more about BrushyBall!
Kickstarter  BrushyBall
Facebook https://www.facebook/brushyball
Simple and Intuitive for Kids



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