Sesame Street Let’s Dance Production

sesame show one sesame two

Sesame Street Live is a 90-minute musical production featuring a dynamic soundtrack, choreography, and dazzling lights with special effects. Each character was bigger than life as they danced with and sang to the children. It was the first live show that my daughter April had taken her two year old Johnny to see.  He was mesmerized and joined in by dancing with another little boy his age during the many dance party numbers.
sesame show three
The show is a great example of the type of top notch entertainment you expect when you attend a show at Austin’s own Frank Erwin center. My daughter treated me to a ticket so I could join her and Johnny in the complimentary suite the Frank Erwin center had set up for us.

In addition to ongoing dance parties, Elmo uses his imagination to “Do the Robot,” Cookie Monster teaches all ‘feets’ to dance, and Ernie shares the fun of dance with the Sesame Street favorite “Shake Your Head One Time.”
I am so lucky to have enjoyed this production with my grandson, Johnny. He beamed to see his favorite Sesame Street Characters come to life. Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and several residents of Sesame Street not only amazed all the children but the adults as well.
If you have the opportunity to attend this production don’t pass it up. Your little ones from 1 year to 6 years are the targeted audience but as a grandmother I loved it!! Wear your dancing shoes Mom, Dad’s, and Grandparents and boogie.
To see next stops and purchase tickets to Sesame Street Let’s Dance production just click here.
Lastly I want to send a big thanks to April Bogus, my daughter for the kind gesture of asking me along.
Read her review on her blog, The Tattooed Type .


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