Confession Of A List Maker

I have a confession, I have an addiction that has plagued me for years.
I am a list maker and proud of my obsession. There has been no time in my life that I have been out of pen and paper, being organized gives me peace.
I grew up helping my father in his store and began jotting down lake cabin reservations as young as twelve years old. So guess it started with my father’s work place obligations that I was involved in the day to day activities. He managed a city lake’s marina, campgrounds, and rental cabins. So gathering information was vital to smooth business operations. Those learned skills followed me of keeping a calendar, notes, and journals to this day.

For nine years I was a single mother, working on a degree, and shuffling two little ones. Most of that time I worked or attended classes full time. Keeping our life schedules organized was imperative. With two small children there were always plan interruptions but keeping my notes helped me keep my sanity.
Purchasing pens, notepads, paper, and stationary is a fun yet very selective process. Not any Bic pen will do, no it must be a well designed great handling instrument. I like to check off each item on my lists, it gives me the feeling of  accomplishment.
I know our smart phones have calendars and note apps, just can’t bring myself to take that route. Giving up pen to paper is not an option.
Do you share my parchment obsession?
Please feel free to comment it is rewarding to get comments on my thoughts.
Happy Eating and Note taking,


One thought on “Confession Of A List Maker

  1. Deb says:

    Yes, I’m obsessed with writing materials and have just collected it all in three large tubs. It taking over. I bet I have accumulated hundreds if pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, you name it I got it. I could start an office supply store. Note pads, tablets, spirals, fancy portfolios, graph paper, sketch paper, construction paper and envelopes… Security, plain, standard, formal, it goes on & on. I refuse to get rid if it… Like I told my daughter, don’t buy any office supply unless you check with me first. I love lists, creative writing, crafts and such. I need an entire room to put it all but it will be formally known as “The Studio”.

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