Exploring: Old Fort Parker Fort

Old Fort Parker fort
Groesbeck, TX.

Hello everyone,

I spent a nice weekend with my brother Jay Reel who lives at Lake Mexia, TX.  Being at home with Bubba makes me feel closer to my folks who have both passed.  I leave the urban life and look forward to my visits.

Last weekend we visited Old Fort Parker Fort located a few miles from his home.
As children we grew up visiting this particular fort on school field trips, and with family. This visit felt different from the beginning. We had the entire grounds to ourselves, and it was quiet a cool 76 degrees and inviting. What struck me was the feeling the original settlers must of had the day their world changed.

 On May 19th 1836, a band of Indians came to Parker’s Fort asking for beef, water and a place to camp. When greeted by the Parkers the Indians attacked, taking five captives! The most famous these was 9 year old Cynthia Ann Parker.  She was adopted by a Comanche family, grew up to marry Chief Peta Nocona and later gave birth to the last great Warrior Chief of the Comanches, Quanah Parker.

Cynthia Ann Parker was born in Illinois in 1827 at age six her family with other settlers moved to Texas. At age nine the raid hit the fort she called home, during this time she was captured and taken miles away. She saw her father killed and you can imagine the terror this little girl felt.

Adopted by a family belonging to the Pahuka band of Comanches. In time, Cynthia Ann, now Naduah changed her attitude toward her captors, adopting their language, customs, and manners. While in her teens, Naduah became the wife of Chief Peta Nacona and she gave birth to their 3 children. One of those being Quanah, the last great Warrior Chief of the Comanches, whom is credited for leading his tribes to Anglo ways and a more peaceful life.

I believe it is important to teach our children about the past. The lessons learned about history teaches future generations of hardships, struggles, and life of people from the past.
Old Fort Parker Fort is worth putting on your day trip list, while your in the area visit nearby Fort Parker State Park.
Located 100 miles south of Dallas and 150 miles north of Houston, take Highway 14 between Groesbeck and Mexia, turn West on Park Road 35 (just South of Fort Parker State Park) and drive one mile.
Open Wed thru Sun 9am-5pm
Adults 12 and over – $2
Child 6-11 – $1
Under 5 yrs. – free
Park Passes do not apply, admissions are used to keep this valuable part of Texas history alive

Happy Adventures,
Kathy  aka Nana




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