Armstrong Browning Library

20151218_13095720151218_123644Baylor Campus Waco, TX.

On December 19, 2015 it was my pleasure to spend several hours on the beautiful Baylor Campus.

I was honored to be a guest at a Professors luncheon.
During that lovely meal I was asked to share my mission for Nettie Pearl’s Closet with the group of educators. It was such a wonderful experience and the beginning of my fundraising efforts.
While on campus I had to visit their Armstrong Browning Library. Dr. Beatrice  Laurer teaches English History in Literature and shared that she insists her students use the library for independent study each year.
I arrived at the library just before 2:00 P.M. and spoke to the assistant at
the front desk. The time of my arrival is important due to the position of the afternoon sun streaming though the stained glass windows in each room, which left me nearly breathless due to their beauty. It was the closest to a spiritual experience as I could of ever imagined. The library in all has sixty two stained glass windows most celebrate the works of Robert Browning in this elegant Italianate building.
I was handed a brochure which told the story of how the library was founded, funded, and the drive of  Dr. A.J. Armstrong to see his project to completion.
He was the head of the English Department from 1873 to 1954 and devoted himself to the study of Victorian poet Robert Browning and his works.
The library started with Dr. Armstrong’s private collection of Robert Browning works, and personal effects.


After browsing the main second floor I made my way to the
the third floor Austin Moore Elizabeth Barrett Browning Salon. It is
set up as a parlor with Victorian era furnishings not every piece of furniture was owned by the Browning’s.
A few personal pieces of furniture were used by Elizabeth, they have her writing table with drop leaves she owned before her marriage to Robert. On the table sits her letter tray and the olive wood chairs beside the table which only weigh a few ounces each. Being in this salon is like stepping back into time and you can just imagine the sounds you might hear, a swish of a satin skirt or gaiety laughter filling the room. I dedicate this post to everyone who enjoys the poetry of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Next time you find yourself in the Waco Texas area stop by the Armstrong Browning Library and feel yourself briefly in the Victorian time. Before you leave enjoy the grounds surrounding the library and their gardens.
Thank you for reading my blog and sharing this memorizing adventure with me.  To read more visit













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