I grew up going to antique shops with my aunts. So it was a natural path to introduce my own daughter April to thrifting at a young age.
My father J.C
Reel owned a retail store and I was running his register at age eleven. The reason that I share this with you is buying and selling is part of my DNA. Daddy taught me that customers were to be respected and appreciated. He taught me manners, respect for others and most importantly how to seek out merchandise others found of value.
Life lesson number one how to go to college and raise two littles alone. While money was tight it taught me valuable lessons on how to be thrifty. Our weekends included a trip to the in season farmers market and stops by thrift stores.

As time past and my kids were growing up our stops included antique malls. To make extra money I bought and sold housewares, office supplies, and collectables to students and staff at colleges in my area. I must admit one side job was writing and selling term papers which came easily for me.
Several years later I find a lot of my time in antique malls, thrift stores, and auctions. Do you see a theme here? Selling tangible goods is in my DNA.
April my daughter now owns Her items are from the time eras 1950 to early 90’s. She has a wonderful eye for vintage items and photography.
Please stop by her shop to say hi and check out her items.

April Bogus @aprilintheburbs is married to Darren and they have two children, Johnny is 3 1/2 and Dottie is two.