Visiting Colorado.


Hello Y’all,

On April 27th my daughter April and I left for three nights and four days to Westminster Colorado. We stayed at a couples Airbnb townhouse! I can’t say enough about our lovely host, we felt right at home.

Our girls weekend started out Thursday morning as we flew Frontier Airlines  from Austin to Denver International airport. We had a nice flight with just a little mountain air turbulence prior to landing. I was impressed with the pilot who kept us updated which helped my nerves.

During our adventures we visited a nice restaurant and ate Bison,  which was April’s first time to try this unique faire.

I insisted that Friday we head closer to the mountains to Boulder also a college town. Beautiful clear day and the longer we explored the area the cooler it got.


We happen to be staying the weekend of the last snow of the season. It made for a breathtaking trek out Saturday morning which was a full day.Early we headed out to eat a nice breakfast and venture to Denver’s Downtown Aquarium. It snowed steadily on our heads as we stood outside waiting for tickets. Cold but worth it after we entered this massive aquarium. Visiting this attraction was the top of my list and we were not disappointed.

Saturday afternoon we went to Mile High Tattoo where we each got inked! Very nice folks and we were very happy with their work.

April and I are thrift store enthusiasts so we visited three stores on our trip, finding several treasures.

All I kept thinking during our stay is how fast I can return. Colorado is a state so beautiful and I could live there someday!!

Enjoy your travels and keep in mind memories last a lifetime,

Until later,

Kathy B.








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