Happy 3rd Birthday Johnny



On April 02,2016 family and friends joined my grandson, Johnny to celebrate his 3rd birthday! His mommy chose a circus theme and used her talents to decorate in grand style.
Guests were treated to festive snacks of circus animal cookies, popcorn, cotton candy, cupcakes, and lemonade. Friends and family were treated to special guests from Tiny Tales Traveling Petting Zoo out of Austin, TX. The petting zoo was a gift from myself and Johnny’s Papaw David. Dorothy his baby sister was not familiar with bunnies, chicks, and ducklings, so she observed from outside the fence.
Johnny’s Uncle Jay was our party photographer and caught some wonderful shots.

If you haven’t enjoyed a visit from Tiny Tales, I encourage you to check them out. Their critters were enjoyed by little ones and adults alike. I especially liked the bunny! John and Dorothy are the children of April and Darren Bogus. They reside in Round Rock, TX.
Visit his mommy April online at @thetattooedtype and www.thetattooedtype.blogspot.com.





Purina Beyond Natural Dog Snacks


Sailor is showing his best beg face!


I am a member of BzzAgent and review products sent to me by manufacturers for my honest review and feedback. Recently I have been lucky enough to be sent this variety of dog snacks by Purina. Each Purina Beyond Natural Dog Snack variety is made from high quality ingredients. Our dog enjoys the flavors and begin to beg when they smell  the real chicken, and salmon.                                                                                                                      Our family likes that our  furbabies; Lyric and Sailor are feed snacks with no poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy or artificial flavors, present.                                                                                                                 Purina® Beyond Natural Dog Snacks come in flavors like Crunchy Chicken & Barley Recipe Biscuits and Jerky Strips with Chicken & Carrots, treat your dog to a well balance trust the brand  you already know has your pets best interest at heart.

I was sent these snacks to share with my dogs for free from Bzzagent and Purina. In exchange for my honest review and evaluation of these dog snacks. #GotItFree #Bzzagent

Armstrong Browning Library

20151218_13095720151218_123644Baylor Campus Waco, TX.

On December 19, 2015 it was my pleasure to spend several hours on the beautiful Baylor Campus.

I was honored to be a guest at a Professors luncheon.
During that lovely meal I was asked to share my mission for Nettie Pearl’s Closet with the group of educators. It was such a wonderful experience and the beginning of my fundraising efforts.
While on campus I had to visit their Armstrong Browning Library. Dr. Beatrice  Laurer teaches English History in Literature and shared that she insists her students use the library for independent study each year.
I arrived at the library just before 2:00 P.M. and spoke to the assistant at
the front desk. The time of my arrival is important due to the position of the afternoon sun streaming though the stained glass windows in each room, which left me nearly breathless due to their beauty. It was the closest to a spiritual experience as I could of ever imagined. The library in all has sixty two stained glass windows most celebrate the works of Robert Browning in this elegant Italianate building.
I was handed a brochure which told the story of how the library was founded, funded, and the drive of  Dr. A.J. Armstrong to see his project to completion.
He was the head of the English Department from 1873 to 1954 and devoted himself to the study of Victorian poet Robert Browning and his works.
The library started with Dr. Armstrong’s private collection of Robert Browning works, and personal effects.


After browsing the main second floor I made my way to the
the third floor Austin Moore Elizabeth Barrett Browning Salon. It is
set up as a parlor with Victorian era furnishings not every piece of furniture was owned by the Browning’s.
A few personal pieces of furniture were used by Elizabeth, they have her writing table with drop leaves she owned before her marriage to Robert. On the table sits her letter tray and the olive wood chairs beside the table which only weigh a few ounces each. Being in this salon is like stepping back into time and you can just imagine the sounds you might hear, a swish of a satin skirt or gaiety laughter filling the room. I dedicate this post to everyone who enjoys the poetry of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Next time you find yourself in the Waco Texas area stop by the Armstrong Browning Library and feel yourself briefly in the Victorian time. Before you leave enjoy the grounds surrounding the library and their gardens.
Thank you for reading my blog and sharing this memorizing adventure with me.  To read more visit www.browninglibrary.org.












5 Uses for Vinegar


5 Practical Uses for Vinegar

1. Household cleaner costs you pennies to make and is especially helpful if you suffer from asthma or allergies.
Mix 1 tablespoon white vinegar to 2 cups of water in a spray bottle.

Use to clean your countertops in the kitchen and restrooms,
2. Coffee pot cleaner:Fill your coffee pot with 9 cups of water and add 1/4 cup white vinegar. Run your coffee pot as you would brewing a pot of coffee. Next brew a pot of water only and you will have a clean coffeepot.
3. Sunburn remedy: Fill your bathtub with cool water and add one full cup to the water. Lay in the tub or gently pour the water over the sunburned area of the body. We repeated this process for three days and my fevered skin was relieved.
4. Laundry additive: If your towels smell sour or children’s clothes especially stinky add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to your large load of laundry.
5. Nail polish preserver. Rub nails with white vinegar before applying nail polish. Vinegar takes moisture out of your nails, which helps polish adhere and last longer.

Review: Red Door Lane


Hello y’all,

I wanted to tell you about this lovely shop April, Dottie, and I found. Red Door Lane, where Past Meets Present is located at Leaders Flea Market.

For your navigation their address is 1291 East Woodville Drive, Leander Tx. I was so taken with this shop, which has a mixture of antiques, paints, and home decor. Their designers make pretty, elegant, wacky, and tasteful artistic items. I purchased two material stuffed pumpkins, and a sweet tea towel.

We visited two more shops that sold antiques at antique shop prices. What sets Red Door Lane apart from the other shops is their selection of furniture and reasonable prices.

See for yourself what this cute out of the way shop has to offer. Yes it is air conditioned, and baby stroller friendly. I can’t wait to visit to Christmas shop at Red Door Lane!!

Enjoy shopping,


Exploring: Old Fort Parker Fort

Old Fort Parker fort
Groesbeck, TX.

Hello everyone,

I spent a nice weekend with my brother Jay Reel who lives at Lake Mexia, TX.  Being at home with Bubba makes me feel closer to my folks who have both passed.  I leave the urban life and look forward to my visits.

Last weekend we visited Old Fort Parker Fort located a few miles from his home.
As children we grew up visiting this particular fort on school field trips, and with family. This visit felt different from the beginning. We had the entire grounds to ourselves, and it was quiet a cool 76 degrees and inviting. What struck me was the feeling the original settlers must of had the day their world changed.

 On May 19th 1836, a band of Indians came to Parker’s Fort asking for beef, water and a place to camp. When greeted by the Parkers the Indians attacked, taking five captives! The most famous these was 9 year old Cynthia Ann Parker.  She was adopted by a Comanche family, grew up to marry Chief Peta Nocona and later gave birth to the last great Warrior Chief of the Comanches, Quanah Parker.

Cynthia Ann Parker was born in Illinois in 1827 at age six her family with other settlers moved to Texas. At age nine the raid hit the fort she called home, during this time she was captured and taken miles away. She saw her father killed and you can imagine the terror this little girl felt.

Adopted by a family belonging to the Pahuka band of Comanches. In time, Cynthia Ann, now Naduah changed her attitude toward her captors, adopting their language, customs, and manners. While in her teens, Naduah became the wife of Chief Peta Nacona and she gave birth to their 3 children. One of those being Quanah, the last great Warrior Chief of the Comanches, whom is credited for leading his tribes to Anglo ways and a more peaceful life.

I believe it is important to teach our children about the past. The lessons learned about history teaches future generations of hardships, struggles, and life of people from the past.
Old Fort Parker Fort is worth putting on your day trip list, while your in the area visit nearby Fort Parker State Park.
Located 100 miles south of Dallas and 150 miles north of Houston, take Highway 14 between Groesbeck and Mexia, turn West on Park Road 35 (just South of Fort Parker State Park) and drive one mile.
Open Wed thru Sun 9am-5pm
Adults 12 and over – $2
Child 6-11 – $1
Under 5 yrs. – free
Park Passes do not apply, admissions are used to keep this valuable part of Texas history alive

Happy Adventures,
Kathy  aka Nana