Rosas Mexican Restaurant

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2111 East Palm Valley Boulevard Round Rock, TX.

Hello Folks,

One of my favorite past times other than thrift store shopping is trying out new eateries. Since I past by this one often finally last month stopped in for lunch. I am on a strict carbohydrates counting diet so this was definitely a treat. Plus for the record I start each cafe meal by tasting each item.

I give their beans and rice a try and enjoyed them. Then I took a bite of the enchilada and was not impressed. No, I am not a food critic by trade but a native Texan so I know great Mexican food.

Rosa’s homemade tortillas were okay. Taco Cabana makes some of the best tortillas I have ever eaten. I must give their interior decorating a A-plus due to the colorful paintings, hanging birds, reasonable prices, and colorful chairs. The cafe was clean and the staff were friendly and accommodating.

Overall out of *** 5 stars being High Praise this ole gal will pass on another visit.

I grade Rosa’s a ***3 Stars rating  meaning Okay. To be fair this rating is strictly on the flavor of their food. It is right up there with Taco Bell but higher prices yet Rosa’s does serve alcohol if your so inclined.

Please let me a comment it is nice hearing from my readers.

Happy Eating!!






My IKEA Lunch & Shopping Experience

IKEA Lunch
 had this Greek salad and strawberries with unsweetened ice tea for lunch today.
My trip to IKEA was very enjoyable today. I went to pick up a couple of crib sheets for April and Darren’s new baby Johnny expected in a few short weeks.
Thought I would share that it was such a wonderful experience to shop there. I took my cane since I have back issues knew I would need it.
What I didn’t know until I got there was you can get a complimentary wheelchair to use while you shop. All I had to do was give them my drivers license to hold. The wheelchair is not electric so you need muscles to roll yourself around or a friend. Since I was alone I rolled awhile then pushed it awhile.
I can’t wait to go back when Johnny gets older to shop with him for toys. Oh the wonders we will see and treasures we will find.