Our Visit To Junk Gypsies


Hey Ya’ll,

I am a big fan of Amie and Jolie who at the time were on HGTV as The Junk Gypsies.

So my daughter April and I took a road trip to Round Top, Texas three years ago. I am holding my grandson Johnny and it was fun meeting Jolie and Archie at the store. It was market week so Amie was out of the store for the day. My daughter is known for making our road trips memorable so this time didn’t disappoint.
We were shopping at their Junk Gypsy Company Store when I rounded the corner to be face to face with Jolie who offered her assistance. April and I asked Jolie if she minded a photo with us. As you can see she was very nice and even Johnny smiled.
We ran into her again on the other side of her store as Archie one of their longtime employee friends was waiting on us. I saw they had these tiny dancing ballerinas online and had to have a couple of them. April and I picked up several items and before we left my sweet daughter gifted me a Junk Gypsy t-shirt which is still one of my treasures!

Next time I will have to get April in front of the camera!

Thank you again April for this special day,


I am in no way associated with Amye or Jolie Sykes or The Junk Gypsy Brand.






Love Yourself First Truly

tumblr_lzzsrkPGJy1qcxieko1_40020170709_063714093Hello Everyone,

I have been through a personal journey these past six months. First of all I will spare you the details but having to move away from my grandchildren, daughter, and son-in-law crushed my spirit. I knew that I had to come to terms they are only a couple hours away. My daughter April has made sure I don’t lose contact, she stays in touch several days a week. Her dedication and love has helped me in ways I could ever explain.

It took me several years to understand that if I didn’t love myself no one else should. So I am sharing with you the sights that have began to heal my broken pieces.

My World

Dorothy, Darren, Johnny, and April


Here are a few other sights that I find happiness and humor enjoying!

IMG_20180128_181407Be calmdoggie two

Please follow my blog and share with me what makes you embrace happiness. Learning that happiness is truly within ourselves!

Thanks for spending your time reading today,



Vintage Is In My DNA


I grew up going to antique shops with my aunts. So it was a natural path to introduce my own daughter April to thrifting at a young age.
Above is a photo of our combined Etsy shops set up at a elementary school holiday sale event. It was a cold rainy day but we had so much fun meeting new admirers of our vintage wares.
Life lesson number one how to go to college and raise two littles alone. While money was tight it taught me valuable lessons on how to be thrifty. Our weekends included a trip to the in season farmers market, flea markets, and thrift stores.

As time past and my kids were growing up our stops included antique malls. To make extra money I bought and sold housewares, office supplies, and collectables to students and staff at colleges in my area. It was so amazing introducing someone to vintage items that had no idea they could still be treasures.

April is a busy mother of two now, John is four years old and Dorothy is three! She has a wonderful eye for vintage items and photography. On rare occasions we like to thrift together and I am lucky she has loves vintage goods as much as I do!

April Bogus @aprilintheburbs is married to Darren and with Johnny, Dottie, and Sailor their brilliant dog live in Round Rock, TX.

I live a couple hours away at Lake Mexia, TX. and cherish each second I get to be with them.

Cooking With Littles



I am so lucky to be able to witness lots of firsts with my two grandbabies. Here their Mom April is teaching her littles Johnny 3 1/2 years old and Dottie his 23 month old sister how to make pizzas.

April and her husband Darren enjoy teaching and nurturing both children to learn something new everyday. They are truly wonderful parents and the two little ones have different demeaners.

Johnny is laid back easy going and Dottie is busy constantly exploring.  Their Mommy has their attention here since both of them love eating pizza.

I am proud how both the littles paid attention during their first baking lesson. While I watched and snapped a few pictures another feeling entered my mind, time is short and babies grow up so fast.

Everyone has busy days but don’t forget to slow down and look at those you love!!

Visit April online at @aprilintheburbs.


New To Me: GoPro Camera & Junior Chesty

Hello All,
I was watching the TODAY show this morning and saw a three year old wearing a chest harness with a GoPro camera. WOW it was such a cool concept, being about to see what your child is doing and recording their actions for future enjoyment. I am sure this may not be new to some of you but the idea to use this cute camera set off a light bulb to me.

You can buy a variety of harnesses to fit different sized children, listed below is just one source. We have an active two year old grandson, Johnny and his folks plan to take him on fun outings this summer. How fun would a it be to record a GoPro view of what he is seeing at the Zoo. He has a new baby sister, Dorothy who is five months old, she adores her big brother. How wonderful it will be to record her cute faces when brother comes near to pat her little head and say hello.
GoPro cameras are so affordable and now with these harness in various sizes your only limited by your imagination.

Junior Chesty (Chest Harness) Images Smaller-sized chest harness perfect for kids and adolescents. Ages 3+ only. Compatibility: All GoPro cameras – See more at: http://shop.gopro.com/mounts/junior-chesty-chest-harness/ACHMJ-301.html#sthash.Q5lk0xHx.dpuf

Credit: I am sharing my opinions on both the GoPro and Junior Chesty Harness. I have not received any compensation from either company and not associated with them in any way.

Review: Flu Immunization



I recently went to Walgreens and got my flu shot.

While most families are finishing up their summer vacations, and shopping for back to school, why not get your flu shots.
It was a hot muggy midday while at my local Walgreens, it occurred to me to inquire about the flu vaccine.
To my surprise I was told it is here and I could beat the rush by getting my shot now.
In amazement at the pharmacist warm response I handed over my insurance card .
At Walgreens my insurance covered the cost of my injection at 100%.
If I had waited and made a doctors appointment there would of been a copay charge.
To sum up my experience, why not check out the fine folks at Walgreens for all of your needed vaccinations this year.
After a short wait, my injection was administered  by a certified pharmacist.
I left the store happy  that I have one less item on my Fall to do list.
Honestly it is such a great feeling as a Nana to know that I am protecting not only myself but my grandbabies.