Fun Free Toddler Activity Ideas


Hello Folks,

    I just had to share with you some great fun activities to do with two and three year olds.
As a Grandmother of six with four of those boys living away from me, it delights me these two grandbabies live with us.
 Our family lives in Round Rock Texas for those familiar with the area we are near Dell Diamond and a multigenerational household. Our daughter April,  her husband Darren and their kiddos John who we call Johnny or Bubba is three years old. Dorothy whom we call Dottie, Dot, Sissy, is two years old. My husband David and I love having the family with us. It is wonderful to be able to support each other through thick and thin. We are a happy home with our two dogs Sailor and Lyric and our twenty-four year old bird Poppy. Yes, our days are very busy. April is super mom and wife plus my bestie.
  Attending toddler activities that keep little minds and hands busy takes some schedule juggling. April and I are always looking for fun, low cost things that might interest our littles. October has been a blissfully month with fall festivals and Halloween activities.
Keep in mind activities for two and three year olds don’t have to be complex, simple is best.  Each day holds teachable moments whether it is building a puzzle or listening to a story being read to them.
 We live not far from downtown Round Rock. It has a small town feel and has a fantastic library.  Round Rock Library schedules events for the entire family. Don’t forget to visit your local library there is a wealth of entertainment to be found.
Here Johnny and Dottie had a blast exploring the big monster truck parked at Dell Diamond. It was free to stop for photo opportunities and the littles loved touching the big tires.  Yes they got a little dirty but that is what baby wipes are for and I am thankful their mommy knows they have to be kids.
I teased my daughter telling her that I love toddler activities as much as they do.
Every outing is an exploration from watching the butterflies stopping by our front yard during their migration to helping their Papaw fill our bird feeders.  Teaching little minds is a never ending activity for the adults in their lives. My father JC Reel loved nature and taught me to respect the environment and animals in it. I am blessed to have a caring, wonderful supportive family who believes in passing down those legacy lessons.
Cherish Your Loved Ones,
Kathy B.
Please feel free to leave a comment about your favorite activities for little ones.
Visit with their mommy sometimes she would like to hear from you all.
We both own Etsy shops stop by and browse sometime.
A percentage of each sale goes to charity.
My shop is 56 Vintage Co
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Our Library Visit

20150806_101405My grandson

Johnny and I visited our local library book sale. He picked out two books he wanted and three board books for his baby sister Dorothy. I gave him the change so he could pay the lock box for his selections. It was such a proud moment to see John pay for his purchase like a big boy at only 2 and half years old.

I discussed why we have to be quiet in the library. He was such a well behaved  visitor.

Next we made a visit to Round Rock libraries toddler time story time. Ms. Andrea read the large group of attendees three books, sang songs, and was a delightful teacher.


Johnny is the son of April and Darren Bogus, and big brother to Dorothy. They reside in Round Rock Texas. His mom is a blogger at The Tattooed Type where she writes a family friendly blog. April loves visitors stop on by and tell her that Mom says hi! My library is on Facebook if you’d  like give them a visit.

To reward Johnny for being so well behaved we ventured across the street to Round Rock cities splash pad.


I wanted to share our wonderful experience in hopes you can visit your cities library soon. Our family loves to read and enjoys sharing the love of books with everyone especially the grandkids.

Happy reading and adventuring,

Kathy aka Nana

Book Review: The Gravity of Birds by Tracy Guzeman

Book The Gravity of Birds

Just click on the book cover above to take you to the amazon link for this book.
Hello book lovers,

I wanted to share with you a book I read last week.
The Gravity of Birds by Tracy Guzeman, a novel that is full of intrigue and mystery.
Did you ever read a book that you couldn’t put down, here is one.

From 1963, for eight summers the two teenage sisters and their family summers at a lake house.
Both girls have crushes on a artist, Thomas Bayber an older man nearly 30 years old.
Natalie and Alice Kessler were so enamored with Thomas that they posed for a portrait.
Skip some 40 years ahead Thomas is now a famous artist and has a painting he wants to unveil to the public.
Several collectors are interested in acquiring this portrait but it will only be for sale when the girls are located. You will soon learn why this artist wants to locate the women so many decades later.
Learn how the painter and the girls lifes became intertwined.
This review is not doing this story justice, when you think you know the flow of the story it veers in another direction.
The author takes the reader back and forth from the seemingly idyllic summer days at the lake and then back to the present. With flashbacks perfectly time and smooth progression of the story, I found it a nice read.

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