3 D.I.Y. Uses for Mason Jars

mason jarMason jar oneMason Jar two

Mason Jar toothpick holders
Hello Y’all,
I just wanted to share with you a few ideas on how to use your mason jars. Recently while in the hospital for a few days my husband, David brought me these Spring flowers. The florist had these cute mason jars as vases and as a country girl at heart it was just a perfect combination.
Obviously there are tons of ideas online for using mason jars but these three are from my family. Several years ago I turned this small mason jar into a handy sewing kit, it travels well, but best of all you can see at a glance its contents.
Lastly no southern kitchen would be complete without a toothpick holder. We keep our toothpick jar with the cabinet spices so they are handy.
Hope this gets you thinking of your own ideas of ways to use these handy mason jars. Enjoy your craft time!


D.I.Y. Craft Project: All Purpose Jars With Decorative Lids


My re-purpose project for June is to cover jar lids.
I just can’t bring myself to throw away these nice jars.
My daughter mentioned how nice my large jar looked which I had finished a few weeks ago.
Think of how nice these would look in your pantry, bath vanity, or as a gift.
Steps to cover jar lids.
1. First remove any labels that are attached to the outside.
2. Wash your jar and lid by running them through the dishwasher a few time.
3. Materials you will need are a sheet of scrapbook paper, Elmer’s glue, and scissors.
4. Cut a circle out of the scrapbook paper by placing the lid and cutting a large circle around the lid. (Leave room to cut tabs.)
5. Take the circle of scrapbook paper and cut tabs all around the lid making sure that when folded they will fit under the lid.
Take the jar lid and apply a ample amount of glue to to top.
6. With your circle laying flat turn the jar lid that you applied glue to and place it in the center of the circle, press firmly.
7. Take each tab that you have cut into your circle and apply glue all around to the tip of each tab.
8. Now start folding each tab down the side and inside of the lid.
9. After you have folded all your tabs down then immediately press down the top and around the outside of the lid firmly with your hand.
10.Place the lid back on the jar and screw it carefully down to close. YOUR DONE!!
Special note: Take that jar lid back off until the glue continues to dry or it might glue to the jar. That would be a bummer.
Now have fun with the re-purpose D.I.Y. project the entire family can enjoy.

Photos in this post are property of Kathy Bradshaw, blog owner of Southern Made In The Shade,”Southern State Of Mind.”