Review: Nivea Touch Of Serenity Moisturizing Body Wash

Review: Nivea Touch Of Serenity Moisturizing Body Wash ****
After several trials and reviews of body washes I finally found this one by Nivea.
I located it at our local grocery chain store H.E.B.
Being a fan of Oil of Olay and Nivea products, thought I would give this new product a try.
The scent was fresh and not overpowering which I found appealing.

Nivea has several scents to choose from and retails less that $4 a bottle.
Great price to the frugal shopper in me.
I do feel that my skin was softer after my shower so the moisturizer in it seems to work well.
I give this new Nivea Body Wash a four out of five stars. Only because I need to use it a few times to be completely sold.


Product Review: Eucerin Calming Body Wash

Welcome to Summer,
I have been researching, and sampling different products.
My honest opinion will be shared on all of these products.
If I haven’t tried it I won’t share about it. First I am starting with this dry skin therapy product.

Eucerin Calming Body Wash Daily Shower Oil will leave your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized.
I have tried this wonderful body wash and it contains soybean oil to stop irritation.
If you have been outside working in the garden, playing with the kids, or by the pool.
Perhaps you attend outside events, or just like hanging out in your yard or deck. We all have that daily shower calling our name at the end of the day.
Your skin will feel gritty, sweaty, or possibly irritated from summer sun and wind.
Do you suffer from dry skin or like myself combination skin?
Eucerin Calming Body Wash has a think lather that mends dry areas.
You can find this great product at many stores for around $8.